Prevent payments fraud


integration with specialist fraud prevention services through Primer


lost by merchants to payment fraud in 2023


of merchants have reported increased first-party fraud since 2021

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters

Fraud is here to stay and constantly evolving. Implement your ideal fraud strategy by combining third-party fraud tools with orchestrated authorization flows.

Minimize friction, reduce losses

Deploy a sophisticated approach to 3DS without any engineering resource. Adaptive 3DS predicts when customers will require authentication, and automatically presents a challenge should the initial payment decline.

Block BINs in a flash

Noticing bad behavior across certain BINs? Block transactions by deploying a workflow to stop these bad transactions in their tracks.

360-view of payments performance

Get a unified view of processor performance with Primer Observability, empowering anyone on your team to pinpoint areas of improvement to maximize revenue.

Hear what our customers say about us

Arjun Muralidharan
Director of Product, FinTech

“Primer's payments infrastructure allows us to give travelers and experience creators an unparalleled and highly localized payment experience.”

Larry Diamond
Co-Founder & US CEO

“Our partnership with Primer accelerates our growth trajectory and positions Zip to seize the colossal US BNPL market opportunity.”

Ian Mahoney
Director of Engineering Platforms

“Primer allows us to scale our payment infrastructure in line with the growth of our digital platform.”

Anthony Cugnetto
Head of Product - Core

“With a single integration, Primer gives us total control over our end-to-end payment flows.”

Andreea-Diana Paraschiv
Senior Product Manager

“We’re leveraging Primer's payment capabilities to create the most seamless checkout experience.”

Bhavin Shah
Vice President of Product Management

“We can easily switch on new payment methods with Primer, and without taking onboard any additional backend complexity.”

The smartest payment decision you’ve ever made

Connect your favorite payment and commerce services, create beautiful customer journeys and expand into new markets fast.

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