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Primer Announces Partnership With Global Fashion Chain New Look to Boost its Ecommerce Sales

13 December 2022 - Primer, the world’s first no-code automation platform for digital payments, announced their latest partnership with New Look, the British global fashion retailer with a chain of 440 high street shops across the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland.

In the UK, Statista data shows that four out of five shoppers are digital buyers, and the items most bought by British women online are clothes, shoes and accessories. Customer demands for a flexible way to shop means the online payments landscape has exploded in recent years. To succeed, merchants need to implement and maintain dozens of providers, ranging from payment service providers to fraud tools, express checkout modules, wallets, buy-now-pay-later tools and more.

Primer’s partnership will provide New Look with an expansive, no-code payment infrastructure that will invigorate its online shopping experience and ensure it keeps pace with the sector’s demand.

Primer’s no-code solution alleviates the high costs of building an online payments infrastructure which would traditionally require large engineering teams and significant time and IT investment. With Primer, New Look will be able to onboard, maintain and automate dozens of new payment tools ranging from payment service providers and fraud tools – which will reduce the amount of times a customer has to verify their identity with their bank – to express checkout modules, wallets, buy-now-pay-later tools and more with just a few clicks in a dashboard.

Pedro Carvalho, Sales MAnager at Primer, commented: “Online fashion is a competitive space, with more brands searching for fast and cost-efficient ways to develop a seamless payments experience especially in the current market conditions. New Look is an iconic high street brand and we are thrilled that our infrastructure for payments will allow them to achieve their exact payments roadmap at a fraction of the cost and development time.”

Ian Mahoney, Director of Engineering Platforms at New Look, added: “Partnering with Primer will allow us to scale our payment infrastructure in line with the growth of our digital platform. Not only will the technology allow us to get up and running with new payment providers and services quickly with no code, it will also help us drive conversion across the checkout flow. Making sure that we are providing our customers the best checkout experience is a key priority for New Look and Primer is enabling us to hyperlocalise payments globally by offering our customers their preferred way to pay.”

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