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Worldline x Primer: Build the right strategy to access high-growth markets

This post is in partnership with Worldline, a Connection partner that merchants on Primer can add in just a few clicks. With Primer, merchants get a complete infrastructure to optimize their payment and commerce workflows, so they can build the smoothest end-to-end buying experiences for their customers.

We sat down with Kelly Harvin, Worldline’s Global Director of Channel Partnerships, to learn more about how merchants can access high-growth markets in Asia and Latin America.

ecommerce is thriving, but the payment landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. What advice do you give global businesses looking to grow?

Indeed, ecommerce has seen immense growth over the past few years, just look at companies like Netflix, Amazon or Airbnb. In a relatively short period of time, they’ve managed to expand globally and become household names.

At the same time, ecommerce is a very dynamic and competitive space, and leveraging the right payment strategy can be a real game-changer in driving success.

For companies who want to grow quickly and efficiently, we suggest taking a good look at all aspects of their payment operations. With the right adjustments, merchants can improve the customer experience, boost conversion rates and reduce costs, thereby helping them grow faster.

Additionally, we advise our merchants to look at expanding into new markets, including high-growth ones like Brazil, China and India. These regions are all experiencing a rapid adoption of ecommerce and mobile commerce, and can potentially be very lucrative if you take the right approach.

How does Worldline help merchants with international expansion?

We’re a truly global company and can offer online businesses access to many markets around the world. When it comes to international commerce or cross-border payments, we see a shift in focus from traditionally more mature markets, like the U.S. or Europe, to markets in Asia and Latin America. These regions have a high growth rate, but are more difficult to enter because of local payment preferences, volatile currencies, high entry costs and protective legislation.

We’d identified this trend early on, and over the years have invested time and resources in building up local teams and solutions for these markets. We advise our merchants on all payment-related aspects for operating in these markets, and have solutions in countries like South Korea, India, China and most of Latin America.

Worldline can enable merchants to enter these booming markets without them needing to invest in setting up a domestic entity. This can massively reduce costs and their time to market.

What are the benefits of working with Worldline?

Unlike most of our competitors who have a plug-and-play solution, we take a more consultative approach. Our dedicated payment performance analysis teams regularly monitor our customers’ performance. This way, we can offer advice and quickly make necessary changes to their online payment system.

Some examples include switching acquirers in a certain market, adding local payment methods or currencies, adapting a 3D Secure strategy, or changing their fraud protection. With these incremental changes, we can increase conversion rates and boost online sales.

Why should customers use Worldline with Primer?

With Primer as your payment automation platform, merchants can start accepting payments across Worldline’s markets with a single integration. Primer manages your integration into Worldline, including any required changes or maintenance, so you can focus on what matters to you most—crafting a great customer experience and growing your business internationally.

Another great thing is Primer also provides visibility into your growth and sales across your markets, so you can track how your payment strategy is performing in real time, and quickly optimize it when needed.

How can merchants learn more about Worldline?

To find out more about Worldline and our solutions for global online businesses, get in touch with a representative.

Ready to build a global payment stack with Worldline and Primer? Connect with Primer’s product experts.

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