Drive more revenue with powerful automations

Create memorable buyer journeys that delight your customers. Workflows let you orchestrate payments effortlessly, test new strategies easily, and add limitless apps—with a few simple clicks.

How it works

Accelerate your roadmap with Workflows by adding new services, minus the technical lift. Our friendly UI lets anyone on your team create and launch complex payment and commerce automations.


Each Workflow begins based on the specific payment actions you need to address - authorization, refund, dispute opened, etc.


We’ve built a variety of tools - such as route splitting for hassle-free A/B testing - to make building complex Workflows a simple process.


Easily configure what you want to happen at every step of your automation - perform fraud checks or route traffic to specific payment providers, for example.

All your apps and integrations working together as one

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Sophisticated automations built with zero code

Primer has integrated all key payment services so you don’t have to. Connect and coordinate processors, fraud tools, and 3D Secure directly in the Primer dashboard.

Team of experts

Our Solution Engineer and Customer Success Teams are here to ensure your business makes the most of Primer’s automation capabilities. We can help you translate your current (or ideal) orchestration strategies into Workflows.

Get the inside scoop from our merchants

Learn how to leverage Primer to grow your business. Think of Primer's experts as an extension of your team, working with you to optimize payment success.

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Triple your market coverage like Zenyum

Triple your market coverage like Zenyum

"Primer’s like a control panel for all your payment needs. Without it, things would be much more difficult."

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Simplify crypto-payments like Compass Mining

Simplify crypto-payments like Compass Mining

"We love the simplicity of quickly adding new connections like Coinbase Commerce and other providers within the Primer platform."

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Take control of your payments like CodesDirect

Take control of your payments like CodesDirect

"Payments should be easy to manage without too much technical debt. With Primer, it was click, click, DONE."

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