This page describes the "Web request received" trigger. To send web requests to an external server from an existing workflow, use the "Send web request" action.

The "Web request received" trigger can be used as the starting point for custom workflows. This could be based on your internal logic or based on other services that do not have their own workflow app yet.


When you connect the Primer Web Requests app you get a webhook URL that you can send JSON requests to.

Starting a workflow using this trigger

Any request sent to this URL will start a workflow when a published workflow using this trigger exists.


The trigger currently has the following restrictions:

  • only valid JSON payloads are supported
  • the webhook will return an empty response. Use the "Send web request" action if you want to send data to another system.

Using the request payload

A JSON payload can be passed with the web request, but is optional. If provided, the payload is available as "unstructured data" in the output of the trigger.

An example payload could be the following JSON:

{    "customRequestType": "TICKET_WORKFLOW",    "eMail": "test@test.com",    "ticketDescription": "A description to be passed when creating a ticket.",    "ticketTitle": "Title for the new ticket to be created"}

You can pass this data to another workflow block using the variable selector and specifying the path to the variable that should be used.

Condition example

It is also possible to use that data to build conditions in the same way.

Condition example

Preventing accidental triggers

You can use trigger conditions to prevent a workflow from being started unless a value defined by yourself is passed through. This could serve as a check for the right payload, or just a custom key that you pass.

In this example, a field called customRequestType with the value TICKET_WORKFLOW is part of the payload.

Trigger condition example

This will only start the workflow if that value is passed, if an empty payload is received, or any other customRequestType then no workflow is started.

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