What does this Action do?

The "Authorize payment" Action is responsible for sending the authorization request. It enables you to configure exactly how you want to route the payment, along with other payment services you can configure, such as 3D Secure and fallbacks.

Learn more about processing payments here.

Example workflow

How to use the Action

  • Create a workflow with the "Payment created" Trigger
  • Assign a payment ID - this will usually be the "Payment ID" from the "Payment created" Trigger output
  • Select your processor and associated merchant account you want to process the payment with
  • Choose the 3D Secure option - see more here on the differences between the 3DS options
  • [Optional] Configure a fallback processor - learn more here

Now your "Authorize payment" Action is set up, use the output to continue building your workflow to handle the response or create a new workflow using the "Payment status updated" Trigger to handle your payment after the authorization request.

Use cases

All your initial payment flows will need to include the "Authorize payment" Action. Based on your needs, you can utilize this Action in a few ways. Below are some examples for inspiration:


Simple payment flow that if authorized, shows the success screen then captures, else it only shows the failure screen to the customer.

Use Case 1


Two "Authorize payment" Actions split by conditional logic that determines whether to authorize payments with 3DS or not.

Use Case 2


Two "Authorize payment" Actions split by conditional logic that determines which processor merchant account to authorize payments with.

Use Case 3