Test 3DS & Go Live

Testing 3DS in Sandbox

Your account is pre-configured to trigger 3DS when a payment is made with EUR or GBP as the currencyCode. All other payments will not use 3DS. You can change this behavior by updating Workflows using the dashboard.

Use the following test cards in the sandbox:

Any 3 digit CVV can be used for testing.

ScenarioNetworkCard NumberExpiry Date
3DS Challenge (iOS & Android)Visa9120 0000 0000 000601/24
3DS Challenge (Web)Visa4111 1111 1111 111101/24

The challenge screen will present options for you to choose your test response.

3DS Challenge

And finally you can confirm the successful payment by looking at the payment in the dashboard.

Go Live

We require the following information from each of your processors:

  • Acquirer Merchant ID
  • ARN (Acquirer reference number) - per card scheme
    • For Amex - this is referred to as the Amex SE number (Service entity)
  • Merchant Category Code

Please provide this to your Primer contact (solutions engineer) and they will enable 3D Secure payments for your account.

We are here to help! For any further questions, contact Primer Support Team.

*Happy Testing!