Configure the Client Session

To improve 3DS success rate, it is recommended to pass the following elements in the Client Session:

  1. customer
The customer's email address
  1. customer
The customer's billing address

Set up the Workflow for 3D Secure

There are multiple ways to trigger 3D Secure prompts within your Primer Workflow.

  • Dynamic 3DS via a processor
  • Enforced 3DS
  • Via a fraud provider

If you rely on your processor to determine whether 3DS is required, then implement Dynamic 3DS.
If you have a fraud provider or want to enforce 3DS, then implement Enforced 3DS.

Dynamic 3DS

When adding a processor you can optionally enable “Trigger 3DS Automatically” which will allow Primer to trigger 3DS prompts when necessary. Dynamic 3DS

It creates a 3DS-enabled processor in your workflow Dynamic 3DS

Enforced 3DS

Create a 3D Secure step in your workflow. This forces a 3D Secure prompt for all payments for your provided condition. Enforced 3DS

Fraud Prevention Providers

If you have a fraud prevention provider connection set up (e.g. Riskified) then you can allow 3D Secure prompts from the provider to trigger 3DS in your workflow. Fraud Prevention