Features of the Web SDK

  • Create great payment experiences with our highly customizable Universal Checkout
  • Connect and configure any new payment method without a single line of code
  • Dynamically handle 3DS 2.0 across processors and be SCA ready
  • Store payment methods for one-click checkout, recurring and repeat payments
  • Proprietary Apple & Google Pay integrations that work with any PSP
  • Always PCI compliant without redirecting customers

Browser Compatibility


Our objective is to bring the best checkout experience to the majority of customers. To achieve this, we make sure that the recent versions of the major browsers are properly supported.

However, to provide the most secure and memorable experience, it is worth noting that our Web SDK does not support certain browsers used by a minority of customers.

On laptop/desktop devices, the Web SDK officially supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 97+
  • Safari 13.1+
  • Firefox 93+
  • Edge 81+
  • Opera 81+

On iOS and Android devices, the Web SDK officially supports the following browsers:

  • Safari (iOS 14+)
  • Chrome (Android 9+)
  • Samsung Internet (Android 9+)

The Web SDK can also be used embedded in webviews:

  • SFSafariViewController (iOS)
  • WKWebView (iOS)
  • Android WebViews

Other browsers not listed above may work properly, but are not actively tested:

  • Chromium-based browsers
  • WebKit-based browsers
  • In-app browsers
  • Other browsers that support modern JavaScript flavors

Some payment methods may have a reduced browser compatibility list. Here are some examples:

  • Apple Pay only works on Safari for macOS and iOS, and may not work in in-app browsers
  • Google Pay does not work on Android webviews, including in-app browsers