Features of the iOS SDK

  • Create great payment experiences with our highly customizable Universal Checkout
  • Connect and configure any new payment method without a single line of code
  • Dynamically handle 3DS across processors and be SCA ready
  • Store payment methods for one-click checkout, recurring and repeat payments
  • Proprietary Apple integration that work with any PSP
  • Always PCI compliant without redirecting customers
  • Extend your payment experience with our additional SDKs for 3DS, Klarna, iPay88 and NolPay.

iOS Compatibility


Our objective is to bring the best checkout experience to the majority of customers. To achieve this, we make sure that the most common versions of iOS are currently supported.

We do support older iOS versions (10.0 - 12.5.7) via our older SDK versions, but your mileage may vary when using these. See the compatibility table below for more details.

Our iOS SDK supports iOS 13 and above 🚀

SDKiOS VersionSDK Version
iOS SDK>= 13.0>= 2.24.0
3DS SDK>= 13.0>= 2.3.0