Get started with Atome

Before you begin

If this is your first payent method, complete the Get Started guide to implement Universal Checkout with a test processor.

Connect Atome to Primer

  1. 1

    Add Atome to your Dashboard

    Go to the Connections section of the Dashboard and look for Atome.

    Follow the instructions to connect your Atome processor account to your Primer Dashboard.

  2. 2

    Activate Atome on the Checkout

    Go to the Checkout section of the Dashboard and activate the Atome payment method.

    Then go to the settings view of Atome, and make sure that Atome is properly set up to use your Atome processor account.

  3. 3

    Configure a Workflow to process payments made with Atome

    Go to the Workflow make sure your Atome processor is used to process payments made with Atome.

Prepare the client session

Atome leverages the following parameters to process a payment.

Pass them when creating the client session.

Parameter NameRequiredDescription
3-letter currency code in ISO 4217 format, e.g. USD for US dollars
  1. order
Details of the line items of the order
  1. order
The country in which the order is created

Add Atome into your website or mobile app