Templates are pre-configured workflows that will help you hit the ground running.

When creating a new workflow, you can browse all available templates that Primer has made available for a wide array of use cases for Payment Orchestration, Operational Efficiency, streamlining Shipping & Returns, and Customer Loyalty.

If you don't have an account yet, you can still browse the Automation templates on our website.

A template, same as a workflow, consists of a Trigger and multiple blocks (Utilities, or Actions with Inputs already set up). Each template covers a very specific use case but you can always tailor the workflow according to your requirements once you added it to your account.

Discover templates

When you create a new workflow you will have two options: either select a template or manually create a workflow from scratch.

For every template that is available you have the option to preview to learn more about it, or to use it as a workflow right away.

Templates list

Template preview

Choosing to use the template will create a new workflow in your account that comes pre-configured and is yours to change. From here on out the workflow is no longer connected to the template.


Publishing a workflow created from a template depends on whether all apps are connected and all required inputs are set. Workflow validation will show if any additional actions need to be taken, such as filling required fields or connecting an app.

You can use a template and convert it to a workflow even if you are not yet connected to any of the third-parties used within that template. In the above example, Shippo has not been connected yet, but that does not prevent you from building a workflow accordingly. However you will have to connect the app in order to be able to publish your workflow.

Add an app right from the canvas

Start automating

  • Once your new workflow is published, it's time to check the Workflow Runs to see if the workflows work as intended or if there are any issues to debug.
  • Do you have suggestions for other use cases we should be covering with templates? Reach out to us and let us know!