Securely store payment method information

Primer's Vault is a centralized PCI-DSS Level 1 service you can use to store the details of a customer payment method once it has been authorized.

Sensitive payment data is stored as a secure multi-use paymentMethodToken that enables recurring merchant-initiated payments and can be used with Universal Checkout to provide a seamless one-click experience for your customers.

Use the Payment Methods API to store payment data manually or store automatically as soon as a payment is successfully authorized. Each paymentMethodToken is paired with a customerId you specify when:

  • generating a clientToken to allow Universal Checkout to present your customer's vaulted payment data for one-click checkout
  • creating a payment request using vaultOnSuccess to save the customer's payment data once it has been successfully authorized
  • managing stored payment data with the Payment Methods API to allow customers to add and delete vaulted payment method data from your site or app


You can also use the Payment Methods API to obtain a stored paymentMethodToken from the Vault for merchant-initiated payments.


Intelligently optimized for auth rate approval

We're fanatical about improving payments success. Primer will intelligently store data returned from your underlying processors to ensure the highest likelihood of success for recurring payments. This includes SCA authentication data as well as other data returned from card schemes and acquirers.

Minimize Fraud

You can further boost success rates for subscription payments and minimize fraudulent orders by optionally running an active card check before choosing to vault customer’s card details. The card verification is entirely configurable, giving you the power to set the amount, currency, and backing processor of your choice.

Trusted, Verified Vault

If the card verification fails, say in the case of an expired card, Primer will not store or vault any payment method data. You will be notified of the failure. In response, you can immediately prompt your customer for retrying with another valid payment method.

What this means is, if you verify before vaulting, you can rest assured and have confidence that subsequent payments from verified cards will be successful as Primer vault will not store any invalid card data.

Easily manage stored data

Empower your customers to manage their own payment method data on your site or in your app, or simply get programmatic access wherever you need to list, edit and update stored payment method details with the Payment Methods API.

Find out more in the Payment Methods API section of our API Reference.