Before you start

This guide assumes that you know how to

Accept payments with Card via iPay88

Prepare the client session

Card via iPay88 requires the following data to process a payment successfully. Pass the following data in the client session, or in the payment request (for manual payment creation).

Parameter NameRequiredDescription
3-letter currency code in ISO 4217 format, e.g. USD for US dollars
  1. order
Details of the line items of the order
  1. order
  2. lineItems

Description of the line item

  1. order

Must by MY

  1. customer

First name of the customer

  1. customer

Last name of the customer

  1. customer

Customer email address

Prepare the SDK for payments


iPay88 requires the installation of a separate library via Cocoapods.

If you are using Cocoapods, add the line below in your Podfile

target 'App' do  //...    pod 'PrimerSDK'  // Add the line below to enable iPay88  pod 'PrimerIPay88SDK'

Show Universal Checkout

Card via iPay88 is automatically presented to the customer when calling Primer.shared.showUniversalCheckout.

class MyViewController: UIViewController {  func startUniversalCheckout() {    Primer.shared.showUniversalCheckout(clientToken: self.clientToken)  }}


Check the customization guide to learn how to customize Universal Checkout.


  • Due to a limitation from iPay88, the library cannot be installed with Swift Package Manager

Go live

You don’t need to do anything particular to go live — just make sure to use production credentials.