Get notified about payment updates

A Webhook is a notification sent from Primer to your server. Webhooks will notify you of:

  • payment status updates
    This is especially useful for asynchronous processor Connections, which do not respond with an upfront authorization.
  • opened disputes/chargebacks
    Be notified of disputes across all processors in a unified way.
  • completed refunds
    Primer notifies you when a refund request has been fully processed by a payment processor and the refund has reached a final state.


Setting up Webhooks

Set up a Webhook in the Developers area of the Dashboard. Webhooks are sent with a POST request to your designated endpoint.

add a webhook

Failed notification attempts are retried up to three times with a five-second interval.

Testing Webhooks

Click the Test webhook link to test your Webhook endpoint.

test a webhook

This will send a POST request to your destination with the example payload shown below. Any response outside the 2XX range, including 3XX HTTP redirection codes, will result in a failure.

{    "message": "Testing your webhook connection"}