Learn payments once

All Primer payments conform to a unified payment lifeycle, so you only have to figure out payments once.

A payment always has a payment status. Each payment will progress through some combination of the statuses listed below on their way through your Workflow.


The payment is awaiting a subsequent action or callback. This usually occurs with asynchronous processors. Prepare for this contingency by setting up Webhooks.

The processor has authorized the payment and no further status-altering actions have been defined in your Workflow.

The processor has declined the payment and no further status-altering actions have been defined in your Workflow. You may want to consider retrying certain declined payments.

This usually occurs when there is a processor gateway issue, such as a service disruption. Set up retries and fallbacks in Workflows to mitigate failures.

The processor has settled funds to your account.

You have successfully canceled the payment.


A payment may go through multiple processors in the event of retries and fallbacks. Workflows streamline all processor responses to make sure you only see a single instance of each relevant payment status. Individual processor responses can be inspected in the Timeline.


Available for every payment in the Dashboard, the Timeline is the best representation of a payment on Primer. It displays all attributes of the payment, as well as the entire series of events that have taken place throughout its lifecycle.

Here, you can see all the Connections the payment went through as it progressed through your Workflow, and the various stages at which its status has been updated.



Primer is not a black box. It's your payments infrastructure, we're just hosting it.
You can inspect any event on the Timeline to see all of our requests and responses to your Connections. (But, we do hide sensitive customer data for security and compliance reasons.)