Add payments services and APIs with clicks, not code

Any third-party integration can be a Connection — from processors and payment methods to fraud prevention, from KYC services to BI tools and communications platforms, and more.

It's never been this easy to build and manage your payments stack.


Connection types

Not all Connections are created equal. Some Connections can be used in Workflows, others on Universal Checkout, and some can even behave as data repositories, subscribing to updates of payment data.


Connections are not limited to the types specified here. We're adding new ones all the time based on market requirements and merchant feedback.


A processor is a special type of Connection, and will typically be a payment processor or some other payment service that appears in your Workflows.

Processors can:

  • update the payment status
  • create transactions and attach them to a payment

In Workflows, Connections have actions — in this case, AUTHORIZE — with responses that can be routed to subsequent steps, like another Connection or action that updates the payment status.

As Connections, processors will always return at least the following responses


The processor has authorized the payment. The payment status will be updated to by default.

The processor has declined the payment. The payment status will be updated to by default.

Our request to the processor has failed, due to service disruption or gateway issues. The payment status will be updated to by default.



Many processors provide additional responses that unlock other routes, such as AVS/CVV Declined, SCA Required and more.


Processor Connections can be used for even more sophisticated functionality, such as fallbacks, retries and Dynamic 3DS. Stay tuned, we'll have more information on this very soon.

3D Secure

At Primer, we've decoupled 3D Secure from any underlying processor. Add a 3DS pre-authorization Connection to your Workflow, and Universal Checkout will just do the right thing, presenting a fully in-context and optimized 3D Secure flow to your customer on web or mobile.

Now you're SCA-ready with a unified checkout across all your payments services including 3D Secure 2.0. What's more, Connections on Primer support Dynamic 3DS to improve conversion, enabling you to present 3D Secure to customers only when it's absolutely required.

3D Secure

3D Secure responses


The 3DS authentication was successful.

The 3DS authentication was unsuccessful.

Either the card hasn't been set up for 3DS, or 3DS isn't supported by the issuer.

The payment request is missing required information.

An unrecoverable issue has occurred (most likely a timeout or service disruption.)

Payment methods

Every payment starts with a payment method. Payment methods appear on Universal Checkout and can be configured in the Dashboard.

Payment methods:

  • present the front-end payment flow to the user, fully in-context and optimized on all devices.
  • securely capture payment information from the user, relieving you of the PCI compliance burden.
  • return a uniform payment method token that you can use to create a payment.

Payment Methods


Primer has decoupled many payment methods from any underlying processor, enabling you to build a fully unified checkout experience with no compromises.

Checkout modules

Checkout modules are Connections which give you even more control over Universal Checkout. Simply drag-and-drop using our no-code interface in the Dashboard to create exciting new embedded commerce experiences.

Checkout modules can:

  • calculate sales tax (e.g., TaxJar)
  • handle discount codes (e.g., Voucherify)
  • present card-linked offers
  • more modules are coming soon!

Checkout Modules

Data Connections

Data Connections subscribe to payment status updates, and can stream data in real-time to your data tools and platforms. Primer was built with data teams in mind, and we're constantly enhancing our capabilities around data visibility and observability.

Data Connections