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Stay one step ahead of fraudsters

Cybercrime is here to stay and constantly evolving. Implement your ideal fraud strategy by combining third-party fraud tools with orchestrated authorization flows.

Minimize friction, reduce losses

Deploy a sophisticated approach to 3DS without any engineering resource.  Adaptive 3DS predicts when customers will require authentication, and automatically presents a challenge should the initial payment decline.

Block BINs in a flash

Noticing bad behavior across certain BINs? Block transactions by deploying a workflow to stop these bad transactions in their tracks.

360-view of payments performance

Get a unified view of processor performance with Primer’s Observability suite, empowering anyone on your team to pinpoint areas of improvement to maximize revenue.




fraud connections with Primer


online payment fraud in 2022


$240 lost for every $100 in chargebacks

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Hear it from our merchants

Learn how businesses have grown with Primer. We're helping customers across a variety of industries tackle complex payments problems.

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Triple your market coverage like Zenyum chevron right

Triple your market coverage like Zenyum

Primer’s like a control panel 
for all your payment needs. 
Without it, things would be much more difficult.

Access new markets fast like Veeps chevron right

Access new markets fast like Veeps

Before Primer, we spent months trying to update and maintain multiple processors.

Localize checkout fast like Codes Direct chevron right

Localize checkout fast like Codes Direct

Payments should be easy to manage without too much technical debt. With Primer, it was click, click, DONE.

Win more users like Voi chevron right

Win more users like Voi

The conversion rate for new users is improved with more payment methods available.