Simplify reconciliation with a unified ledger

Manage reconciliation across processors smoothly with all your settlement data in one report. Primer consolidates all your reconciliation data so your team won’t have to.

One report for all your payments

Get a standardized view for every payment across your processors. Primer lets you ditch tedious spreadsheets and manual data mapping, so you can easily handle financial processes as your payment stack grows.

Seamless conflict resolution

Forget about unnecessary manual checks and back-and-forths. If we spot any mismatches between your processors’ data and Primer’s ledger, we’ll flag them and tell you the reason for conflict. Then, you can resolve any issues directly in your Primer Dashboard.

In sync with your tools

Easily share your data, wherever you are. Primer can feed your uniform reconciliation data to any cloud accounting software your business uses to close the books.

Get the inside scoop from our merchants

Learn how to leverage Primer to grow your business. Think of our experts as an
extension of your team, pushing to optimize for your payment success.

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