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Payment workflows

Give your payments a boost, in real time.

Whether it’s optimising for payment success, keeping fraud low, or recovering lost revenue, payment orchestration is the answer to many of your payment problems. 

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Recovered transactions with fallbacks


Authorization uplift 


Fraud reduction 

Optimize costs

Intelligently route and split transactions to achieve maximum payments performance.

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Recover more revenue

Fallback to another processor in the event that your primary one fails. 

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Build and scale at pace

Switch on providers in minutes by leveraging 100+ pre-built integrations.

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Payments should be easy to manage without too much technical debt. With @Primer, it was click, click, DONE ⚡️🤩




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Payment orchestration optimised for growth 

Keep your payment strategy on the cutting edge with the right mix of services at the right time of the customer journey. 

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Intelligently route payments

Use multiple processors and payment methods to gain the highest acceptance rates at the lowest cost, no matter which market you’re operating in .

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Split payments traffic

Split your payments volume across multiple processors and payment methods. Test the best performing channel under specific conditions to optimize your overall costs.

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Adaptive 3DS

Maximize transaction success while minimizing customer friction, only presenting a challenge when necessary - no matter which underlying processor is used.

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Recover potentially lost revenue by instantly reattempting a failed transaction through another processor to maximize revenue.

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Fraud prevention 

Implement your ideal fraud prevention services and leverage them for pre- or post-authorization checks within the customer journey.

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Pre-configured templates 

Hit the ground running using ready made templates. From triggers and incidents to country, currency and transaction rules, we’ve got what you need to get started.