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Find revenue hiding in your data

Complete visibility into your payment stack, uncovering opportunities that boost your bottom line. Monitor performance trends and stay on top of key payments metrics.


Advanced filters




Time to react 

Recover more revenue 

Track sales recovery rates to see exactly how much money is saved using payment tools such as fallbacks and adaptive 3DS. 

Identify new opportunities

Evaluate best performing PSPs and payment methods, updating logic accordingly to boost payment success while saving on costs.

Resolve issues, fast

Never miss a beat and get alerts directly to your mailbox or Slack. Whether its performance or underlying issues with processors, you’ll be the first to know

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Before @Primer, we had entire teams dedicated to reporting. Now, we do it all completely on our own 🤓



Co-Founder & CPO

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Feature packed insights

Gather all the payments data you need so that even non-payment experts can dig for revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities.

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Flexible data formats

Sync data, in your preferred format, directly to your data warehouse via Extract Transform Load (ETL) or export a csv file in Excel for finance and ops teams to analyse.

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Alerts & monitors

Setup real-time alerting and receive instant notifications of any spikes or drops in key performance metrics directly to your mailbox or Slack channel.

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Custom dashboards

Business intelligence isn’t one-size fits all, so we enable you to build custom dashboards that track your key metrics. Specific to business.

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Granular payments insights 

Instantly view exactly what’s happening across your data using advanced charts, filters and dashboards. Build any format you need to send to your finance, data and operations teams. 

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Observability API

Easily stream non-Primer payment data (such as in-store transactions) into the Observability platform so you can see all payments insights in one place.