What's Primer?

We're the world's first automation platform for payments.

With a completely unified checkout and payments integration, Primer lets you truly consolidate your payments stack, plus add APIs and tools from across the web to build dynamic end-to-end payment flows for the first time.

Our vision is a unified framework for developers integrating payments, so you only have to figure out payments once.

The platform is made up of three key components:

Universal Checkout

Universal Checkout
In-context, fully customizable checkout for web and mobile (iOS and Android)


An ever-growing marketplace of third-party integrations


Drag-and-drop end-to-end payment flows based on your business needs

What's a Primer payment?

Payments are at the center of the Primer universe. A payment is a first-class object that has:

  • a payment status that conforms to a unified payment lifecycle
  • payment method information such as card details
  • order details such as amount, line items and tax
  • customer details such as contact information, shipping and billing address
  • a Timeline of events created throughout the lifecycle of the payment


Payments are linked directly to Workflows, which determine what steps a payment follows based on the conditions that occur as it progresses throughout its lifecycle. You can think of a Workflow as a pathfinder for payments.


You may be familiar with the transaction concept used by many payment processors. Because a single Primer payment can go through multiple processors via fallbacks, retries or split routing, it can contain multiple transactions, all of which are clearly displayed on the payment's Timeline.

A unified payment lifecycle

Regardless of the payment method or processor, all payments follow a unified payment lifecycle. Now you can automate payment handling in a common-sense, human way!

Payment states

Get started

You can integrate Primer with just a few simple steps.

Universal Checkout

Implement Universal Checkout
For web and mobile, Universal Checkout is a dynamic, fully in-context checkout that teams can easily manage in the Dashboard.

API Call

Manage Payments
That's it! Now you can use the Payments API to create a payment, and your Workflow will do the rest.