What does this Action do?

The "Capture payment" Action is responsible for sending the capture request. It enables you to define rules where you wish to perform an automatic capture of funds.

Learn more about capturing payments here.

Workflow example

If the payment is not in the Authorized state, you will not be able to perform a capture.

How to use the Action

Capture can be asynchronous i.e. once the capture call is sent to the processor, it can take some time for the payment to become SETTLED. Learn more here and how to handle these scenarios.

Use cases

All your payments must be captured to charge the customer’s account and transfer the funds to your merchant account. Based on your needs, you can utilize this action in a few ways. Below are some examples for inspiration:


Simple payment flow that if authorized, shows the success screen then captures, else it shows the failure screen to the customer.

Use Case 1


Separate workflow using the "Payment status updated" Trigger to always automatically capture if the status becomes Authorized. This is very useful if you have multiple workflows using the "Payment created" Trigger but you want to handle authorized payments in one way (in this case, always capture).

Use Case 2


Single workflow to determine whether to capture the payment or not based on the results of the CVV and AVS checks.

Use Case 3