Democratising the wine-buying experience

The wine industry has been slow to adopt new technology. But Vino75 is revolutionising the wine-buying process with a tailored and expert online experience.

Democratising the wine-buying experience

Tuscany-based online wine shop Vino75 unlocks the stuffy world of wine buying, giving customers a premium, personalised experience – as well as a slick, fast checkout that’s leagues ahead of its competitors. Its tailored service is completely new in the wine market, and Vino75’s reaping the benefits.

Vino75’s been growing fast since opening its doors for business in 2014, doubling its turnover every year. As customers flock to its website, Vino 75 has focused on scaling – expanding its catalogue, streamlining logistics, and attracting more funding. 

The company also wants to expand its premium wine service around the world. But selling globally isn’t only difficult because of cultural differences – it’s a payments minefield, too. Each country has different rules around imports and customs, which poses new problems as Vino75 sets its sights on new territories. 

New territories, new rules

After Chinese tech behemoth Alibaba launched in Italy, Vino75 approached the company to set up a collaboration in China, opening a flagship store on Alibaba’s B2C platform in 2016. With business going well in China, they plan to start a marketing campaign starting in 2021. 

Closer to home, Vino75 plans to start expanding in Europe, which means adapting to customer preferences around popular payment methods – like Bancontact in Belgium, Sofort in Germany, and iDeal in the Netherlands. Off the back of these plans, Vino75 expects to more than double its revenue in 2020.

Overcoming payments bottlenecks

The reason Vino75’s been able to grow so fast, and move into new markets at such pace, is its tech. As CTO Francesco Limberti says, “We build everything ourselves. Our whole e-commerce platform is custom. All our success is thanks to our software.” 

“There are many reasons for someone like us to use Primer.”

— Andrea Nardi Dei – CEO, Vino75

But there are still problems. Vino75 only has one payment service provider, Braintree. And if Braintree goes down, business grinds to a halt. It’s already a huge issue for the business, and it’ll only get bigger as Vino75 continues to expand.

Preparing for rapid growth

Vino75 approached Primer to avoid the bottleneck of having a single payment provider. With Primer, Vino75 can easily configure backup PSPs and support local payment methods, as well as providing a beautiful checkout with unparalleled user experience. 

But the benefits don’t end there. “We gain leverage with different payment services, offer a better payments experience to our customers, and don’t need to burden our team with developing our own payments infrastructure,” says Francesco Limberti, CTO. 

“We reverse the power balance by pitting PSPs against each other. Primer gives us leverage”

— Francesco Limberti – CTO, Vino75

Francesco continues, “In the past, partnerships have always been difficult. If we need a document or to clarify something, we have to make a phone call or send an email. It’s time-consuming. Working with Primer over Slack is fantastic. It’s the best way to collaborate.”

With Vino75 continuing to thrive in the midst of a global pandemic, the next few years are set to be busy. We can’t wait to support the team on the journey.

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