February 2022: Primer releases

This month, we’ve released and improved a huge number of features across Primer. These updates help you increase payment success, reduce fraud, gain greater visibility of your payment data, expand to new markets, and create ‘invisible’ payment experiences on web and mobile.


New roles and permissions. Invite your team to collaborate with support and read only permissions. We’ve also included refund limits, which enable you to set a maximum amount that can be refunded by team members.

Dashboard search and filter. You can now search for payments using any field, like the last 4 digits of a credit card or customer ID. We’ve also added new filters for 3DS status, refunds and payment declines.


Payment type condition. Reduce friction for returning and subscription-based customers by specifying routes for customer- and merchant-initiated transactions (CIT and MIT, respectively).

New range operator for numeric fields. Specify ranges for bank identification numbers (BIN), amounts and metadata to easily define custom conditions and restrictions.

Currency handling in conditions. Create routes for multiple amounts or multiple currencies at once. For example, “More than €500 or more than $600” or “Currency is EUR or USD or GBP”.

Riskified. Aside from credit cards, PayPal is now also supported as a payment method for our Riskified Connection.

Universal Checkout

New metadata and amount conditions for payment method display at checkout. For example, “If product does not support X payment method, do not display” or “If purchase is high value, display BNPL”.

Surcharging. Avoid increased costs by specifying which payment and card network surcharges should be absorbed by your customers in the total price.

Card descriptions. Customers can now name their saved payment methods with helpful descriptors for returning payments, such as “Daniella’s CC” or “Work Expense Card”.

Additional language support. 12 new languages were added to the SDKs: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

3DS v2 support on native mobile (iOS, Android, React Native). We’ve made some improvements where app-switching is required for authentication—the experience flows elegantly and your customers won’t notice a thing.

Dynamic payment method flows. Some payment flows require a redirect. We’ve ensured our SDK dynamically detects this to offer a seamless, in-context payment experience.

Additional card network support for Apple Pay. We’ve added Elo, Interac, JCB, Maestro, private label cards and UnionPay. American Express, Mastercard and Visa are also supported.

More styling options. Style your input labels with the 'Letter Spacing' and 'TEXT TRANSFORM' properties.


Remember how hard we work to add new Connections at lightning speed? Well, check out our newest Connections, now live on Primer!

Payment methods

  • Atome. A popular buy now, pay later service supporting multiple countries in the APAC region.

  • PayNow via Xfers. Bank transfer in Singapore.

  • All via Mollie: Sofort, P24, EPS, Giropay and Custom Gift Cards with custom button branding.

  • P24 and EPS via PAY.


Payments API

New isVaulted flag. This flag indicates whether a payment method has been vaulted following a previous successful payment.

1// Payment method token returned in onTokenizeSuccess
4tokenType: 'SINGLE_USE',
5isVaulted: true,

Added dispute open webhook. Manage your disputes in one place—you’ll get notified when a new dispute is raised by your processor.

2"eventType": "DISPUTE.OPENED",
3"primerAccountId": "7fcd50f1-99f2-416e-8013-6ecd1c1285c3",
4"transactionId": "c3f662ad-d197-492e-b78b-63eefa64a31d",
5"orderId": "order-123",
6"processorId": "Adyen",
7"processorDisputeId": "adyen_ref_123",
8"paymentId": "ecb8d3bc-805d-4d97-826e-ef8d4cc3d2a2",
10  {
11   "live":"true",
12   "notificationItems":[
13      {
14         "NotificationRequestItem":{
15            "additionalData":{
16               "chargebackReasonCode":"10.4",
17               "modificationMerchantReferences":"",
18               "chargebackSchemeCode":"visa",
19               "defensePeriodEndsAt":"2021-05-24T16:05:30+03:00",
20               "autoDefended":"false",
21               "defendable":"true",
22               "disputeStatus":"Undefended"
23            },
24            "amount":{
25               "currency":"EUR",
26               "value":1000
27            },
28            "eventCode":"NOTIFICATION_OF_CHARGEBACK",
29            "eventDate":"2021-05-06T16:05:30+03:00",
30            "merchantAccountCode":"YOUR_MERCHANT_ACCOUNT",
31            "merchantReference":"YOUR_REFERENCE",
32            "originalReference":"9913333333333333",
33            "paymentMethod":"visa",
34            "pspReference":"9915555555555555",
35            "reason":"Other Fraud-Card Absent Environment",
36            "success":"true"
37         }
38      }
39   ]


API traffic is now routed via Cloudflare. This update improves availability and enables us to automatically cut off error-causing regions, plus perform scheduled maintenance without the risk of downtime. Cloudflare’s smart routing has already reduced latency on our SDK API by 70% for non-EU users, and 40% overall.

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